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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

13 year old Diamond White sings ‘I have nothing’ in X Factor USA bootcamp

13 year old Diamond White had an impressive audition but now she takes it up a level and sings ‘I have nothing’ by Whitney Houston in her X Factor USA bootcamp.

60 contestants sang for their lives in this bootcamp as the numbers are whittled down to 24.

Watch the video and see how much this Diamond sparkles.

Diamond White sings ‘I have nothing’ by Whitney Houston

Diamond White kills it with "I have nothing" in X Factor bootcamp
Diamond White kills it with “I have nothing” by Whitney Houston in her X Factor bootcamp

13 years old. What do you think? Did she sparkle?

Did you notice how intimidated some of the other contestants were by this performance?

In fact, Demi Lovato said she was “amazing, but she’s just the first one.” White definitely got the other competitors shaken up.

According to wetpaint:

Born and raised in the Detroit area, Diamond has had plenty of opportunities to (wait for it) shine. When she was only eight years old, she starred in a production of “The Color Purple.” Unlike the plays most eight year olds are in, though, this one was good. The show was based in Chicago and involved a national tour. Fun fact: Diamond didn’t know she needed sheet music for the audition, so she just sang a cappella. No big deal.

She also appeared on that benchmark of stardom, The Maury Povich Show, on an episode celebrating talented children. So, there’s that.

One reason for her success? She didn’t have to do it alone. When she was younger, she signed with One Source Talent and is now with a branch of Ford Models.

Obviously Diamond is not your average 13 year old, but admiration must go to those around her for responding to her talent at a young age and supporting and helping her develop.


If you want to try this song out for yourself or you simply want to review the lyrics to this Whitney Houston classic – you can review the lyrics by clicking here.



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