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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Voice coaching lessons youtube clip

Voice coaching lessons youtube clip
Voice coaching lessons youtube clip, online or in person – shows there’s more to it than just voice lessons. (Picture credit: Wikipedia)

With all the reality singing talent shows on TV there has been a sharp interest in voice coaching lessons youtube clips and online support. But what type of voice coach do you think would inspire people the most.


The Voice, one of the latest additions to the singing talent TV shows has quite an array of coaches. One of the most unique is


According to Becca Longmire in Entertainmentwise she reports that’s uniqueness is a bit crazy at times.

The Voice coach has revealed that his song is set to be played in space. Aaaah, just when we thought the star couldn’t get any crazier… he proves us wrong once again.

“I don’t think I can talk about it, but there is a rocket going to Mars. It lands in August and when it lands it sends a signal back to show that it’s there and they will beam a signal back to Earth and that signal will be the song,” he admitted (on the Graham Norton show last Friday, June 22)

Now imagine as a singing artist your music is not just played around the world, it’s now actually playing amongst the stars and planets. may have a unique way of speaking and approaching things but is this a sign of his own levels of self belief? Is this self belief something that you are born with or is it something that you are coached to uncover and develop?

And this brings a question to mind: Is there a difference between voice coaching and voice lessons? Initially for many’s approach may seem a bit out there, but he sees self belief and fighting for what you believe in as an essential part of becoming a singer. Does he suggest that a lot of the ‘stuff’ that holds you back is seated in the mind and no where else?

He suggests that as a singer you need to be fighting for something you believe in. This is what he said in relation to voice coaching with Justin Beiber:

I want to get Justin Beiber into writing his own music and producing his own songs, Justin as an artist has to fight. Michael Jackson fought, Prince fought, the ones that stood around for a long time are the ones that are always fighting for something.

So where does this leave most singers and aspiring singers. This sounds a tall order when you are unknown, but is it?

Voice coaching lessons youtube clip with Voice coach Geoff

Here it is interesting that Geoff, a much sought after online voice coach, takes a very similar stance to, saying a lot of the work is all in the mind. Getting that right makes an excellent foundation for not just becoming a singer, but becoming a great singer.

What would you be able to do if the chattering in your mind didn’t get in your way? How much better would you be able to develop your singing? Are voice coaching lessons youtube inspired or even by skype, as Geoff suggests an option for moving forward?

Here’s a way you can help.

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