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Saturday, April 20, 2024 shares how to improve your singing voice fast shares how to improve your singing voice fast shares how to improve your singing voice fast and creatively (Photo credit: Wikipedia) shares how to improve your singing voice if time is of the essence. Now admits he is working on improving his own singing voice but when he is in the studio or even on stage he has a few tricks he loves and uses.

Here si one of his video’s where he has used one of these quick and fast improvement methods. See if you can notice any of them in the video he did below:

To dig into the tricks creatively uses Don Mackay of the Daily Record reports:

How to improve your singing voice fast with

THE Voice coach admitted yesterday he uses Auto-tune to make himself sound better.

The Black Eyed Peas star was signed up for an estimated £200,000 to help wannabe singers on the BBC talent contest.

But he said: “I use Auto-tune because I write and produce songs. A lot of the time I am in the studio by myself.

“So the computer allows me to make music singing myself and not wait around for singers to come and sing it.

“It’s a rare combination to have someone who can write songs and sing well. So the computer allows me to execute my ideas at the speed that I think them.

“So that’s why I lean to Auto-tune. It’s just an effect. But I am working on my singing abilities.”

So from the video above can you tell auto-tune has been used? There’s no doubt that is extra-ordinarily creative, but not every one of us performs via a computer – or should we?

So what is Autotune? Wikipedia describes it as this:

auto-tune 24/7! shares how to improve your singing voice with auto-tune (Photo credit: A_minor)

Auto-Tune is an audio processor created by Antares Audio Technologies, which uses proprietary software to alter pitch in vocal and instrumental recording and performances. It was originally intended to disguise or correct off-key inaccuracies, allowing vocal tracks to be perfectly tuned despite originally being slightly off-key.

The processor slightly blends pitches to the nearest true semitone (to the exact pitch of the nearest tone in traditional equal temperament). Auto-Tune can also be used as an effect to distort the human voice when pitch is raised or lowered significantly. The overall effect to the discerning ear can be described as hearing the voice leap from note to note stepwise, like a synthesizer.

Auto-Tune is available as a plug-in for professional audio multi-tracking suites used in a studio setting and as a stand-alone, rack-mounted unit for live performance processing. Auto-Tune has become standard equipment in professional recording studios.

Some people call this cheating, they call it trickery – but what is it really? calls it being creative.

Another one of his tools and tricks is the use of a Vocoder. says that far more skill is needed to use a Vocoder than Autotune. Now you may say ‘what the hell is a vo-what-odour’? Well let explain it himself below:

As you can see and hear the Vocoder does have a very distinct effect on the sound of the voice, whilst producing it in the notes you choice for it to be expressed.

Now I must admit, for singing this is not my kettle of fish – creative yes, I agree very creative – but as far as the magic of the singing voice something for me is missing – big time.’s talent may not to be the best vocalist on the planet, but as a creative producer and song writer, his tunes get inside you and move you – that’s without doubt.

Now in his own words says his instrument is the computer, and when you see him actually at work in his forte you can’t fail to recognise a level of genius at play. He seems to highly applaud the mastery of your instrument, whether that’s a violin, your singing voice or as for himself the computer.

It’s interesting to see how well knows himself. How he recognises the need to keep his mind and attention focused and not wandering. So instead of using medication to treat adhd he uses music therapy.

So as shares how to improve your singing voice fast, I can only say I love your creativity. But as for improving your singing nothing beats a regular daily program of vocal exercises and practice and if you can get a vocal singing coach onboard too – way to go! And yes, after watching him on The Voice he does make an excellent coach too.

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