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Monday, July 15, 2024
how to become a famous singer at age 17

How to become a famous singer at age 17

how to become a famous singer at age 17
Emily Jane shows us her approach on how to become a famous singer at age 17 (Image Credit: iPhone, Youtube)

Here is an interesting view on how to become a famous singer at age 17. There are many roads to try to become a famous singer but Emily Janes of Perth Australia is doing it with Youtube.

Ali Best of ninemsn reports:

When 17-year-old Perth singer Emily Janes put her first film clip on YouTube less than a month ago, she was expecting mixed reactions.

More than 20,000 hits later, Emily’s dance track ‘Freak On‘ has a lot of people talking.

The song was written by Perth rappers Dialekt, Dc.Sir and Nate Won and the clip was filmed over two nights at her friend’s house.

Now not all of us have houses like this or parents that have such amazing cars but what has the response to 17-year-old Emily’s Youtube video.

“I guess it’s got a lot of good responses and a lot of bad responses,” she told ninemsn.

“With every negative comment, I’m getting another view which is good and I guess the word spreads, which is good.”

Her YouTube video has received a number of offensive comments but it has also received plenty of messages of support.

“Actually really love this song, catchy, good-looking singer, can’t wait for your next smash-hit!!!!.” wrote one YouTube user.

“Would have been smart to get some dance tips before shooting the video but YOLO I guess,” posted another.

Some say no news is bad news. So getting interaction with her video seems to be creating a level of fame.

But was this video actually done in just 2 days?

It took a couple of weeks to shoot and produce the video — including the taping of the party scenes, cruising around in her friend’s stepdad’s car and an hour or so playing up at her hairdresser’s.

It then took a week and a half to produce the video.

Emily is hoping the clip will help get her name out there so she can one day live her dream of being a performer.

She is travelling to New York next month to meet with potential agents and music industry professionals.

It appears things are happening for this 17-year-old. For a home made video it really is impressive, but what is more impressive is Emily’s attitude to those that are being very negative to her work and what she’s doing.

To focus on the positive aspects and not to get bogged down with the hater’s is a lessons we all can learn.

How to become a famous singer at age 17 is not as simple as 1, 2 ,3 – if it was everyone would be doing it. Youtube is a free excellent platform. I guess one of the biggest things that comes out of this is ACTION, taking action no matter how imperfect puts you ahead of 90% of the crowd. Marry that up with the right attitude then I think you’re on the right path.

Here’s a way you can help.

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  • Jean Brando Zintz
    Jean Brando Zintz

    Hello I have a really good positive feeling about Emily and her dreams. I am very glad that she is chasing her dreams and making them happen. I am also 17 years old and I am a singer, I am from a small town of Washington called Wenatchee and I wanna try to reach my goals as well to become known, I truly enjoy singing and I plan to go to the University of Washington to study more about music and more behind the art! Meanwhile I am attending Eastmont High Schoool and currently an active participant to the school’s chior and drama club! If you guys want to know a little more about me or know any advice to give or share with me, please contact me. Thank you so much and good luck to you Emily Janes.

    • Darren Grant
      Darren Grant

      Hi Jean. Glad you enjoyed Emily’s story and yes we’d love to know more about you too. If singing is your passion we’d love to help where ever we can.

  • Itumeleng

    I’m Itumeleng Patricia motha and I really love singing I have always loved singing since I was a little girl music has inspired me to sing my voice out to public people I am destend to sing i am 17 years of age

  • Itumeleng

    Hi my name is Itumeleng Patricia motha I am 17 years of age and I really love singing I have always loved singing since I was a little girl music has inspired me to sing my voice out I really love singing


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