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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Adele is pregnant, will the baby ask how do you learn how to sing like Adele

How do you learn how to sing like Adele, a baby asks
Adele is pregnant, will the baby be asking how do you learn how to sing like Adele (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She’s a Grammy Award winning singer gifted with an extraordinary voice that’s loved the world over. Now Adele’s got a new gift in her life. She’s pregnant! But do you think her baby will need to ask ‘How do you learn how to sing like Adele‘.

Well a report in current biology suggests that a baby in the womb learns more about the voice than we may first originally come to understand. But more on that in a moment.


Matt Williams of the Guardian had this to report about Adele’s news:


Adele is expecting her first child with boyfriend Simon Konecki, the Brit and Grammy-award winning singer said on her official website on Friday.
The 24-year-old star wrote on her website that she and boyfriend Simon Konecki were “over the moon” at the news.

In the blogpost, Adele also issued a plea that the couple’s privacy be respected as they prepare to become parents.

Announcing her pregnancy on Friday, Adele told fans: “I’m delighted to announce that Simon and I are expecting our first child together.

“I wanted you to hear the news direct from me, obviously we’re over the moon and very excited but please respect our privacy at this precious time. Yours always, Adele xx.”

The Rolling in the Deep singer reportedly met Konecki, the chief executive officer of water charity Drop4Drop, last summer.

So congratulations to the loving couple. What do you think about the baby? Will the baby be an awesome singer too with a mother with such an amazing voice?

A Babies first question: How do you learn how to sing like Adele, my momma?

Well according to Viewzone baby’s learn language, and singing is a kind of language, whilst still in the womb.

 Often the subject of comedy, many pregnant women talk to their unborn baby, sing nursery rhymes or play music to entertain or comfort the child in their womb. Now scientis have shown that this is actually an important step in language development and should be encouraged.

Cultural studies often showed that the types of gurgles and babble that a newborn used seemed to be unique to specific parental language groups. French babies babble in a certain way that is different from, say, Chinese babies. Scientists wondered why this was happening.

So what kind of parental language can you imagine Adele sharing in her household, will she be singing to her unborn child? Will the sounds of ‘Rolling in the Deep’ become the melody of shape her child’s first sounds?

A new study published in Current Biology and summarized in ScenceDaily suggests that infants begin picking up elements of what will be their first language in the womb, and certainly long before their first babble or coo.

“The dramatic finding of this study is that not only are human neonates capable of producing different cry melodies, but they prefer to produce those melody patterns that are typical for the ambient language they have heard during their fetal life, within the last trimester of gestation,” said Kathleen Wermke of the University of Wurzburg.

The studies and research show that melody will be extraordinarily important to Adele’s child.

Human fetuses are able to memorize sounds from the external world by the last trimester of pregnancy, with a particular sensitivity to melody contour in both music and language, earlier studies showed. Newborns prefer their mother’s voice over other voices and perceive the emotional content of messages conveyed via intonation contours in maternal speech (a.k.a. “motherese”). Their perceptual preference for the surrounding language and their ability to distinguish between different languages and pitch changes are based primarily on melody.

We’ll have to wait and see. But if the scientific research is right in one way or another Adele’s baby will be copying and learning the melodies of a mothers voice in the form of Adele. So her baby will silently be asking how do you learn how to sing like Adele, the language of my momma. And we’ll watch this space and see if another Adele is going to be on the horizon.

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