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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Autotune your voice like Justin Beiber but will you end up slamming the phone down too

How to autotune your voice like Justin Beiber
How to autotune your voice like Justin Beiber (Image Credit: Wikipedia)

Now if you are making your own tracks and want to sound like an international pop star you may want to learn how to autotune your voice like Justin Beiber if you have the software to do it. But will it have a side effect where you go into a little tantrum and slam the phone down in the middle of an interview?

I know, how obtuse and wild is that but before we show you how to autotune your voice this way with some virtually free software let me update you on Justin’s latest little tizz.

Becky Bain has this to report about Justin Beiber’s latest tantrum, dolls thrown out the pram and all…

Justin Bieber seems like an easygoing fellow to talk to — we sure didn’t have any problems relating to him one-on-one during our recent interviews with the pop star — but it turns out a few things are off limits when you’re in the middle of a Q&A with The Biebs:

1) his mama, and…

2) likening him to any other famous Justins in the pop world

3) talking about Harry Styles of One Direction.

Bieber called into ‘Mojo In The Morning’,  and things started off okay until the DJ attempted to compliment Bieber by comparing him to Justin Timberlake. The singer didn’t find it so flattering. “Our voices sound nothing alike,” he shot back. After that minor hump, things went back on track until the host brings up One Direction‘s Harry Styles, and asks Justin if he trusts the older women-loving boy band member around his mother. Eventually, Bieber has enough of this chit-chat and decides to leave it altogether by hanging up.

Head below to hear the interview. Warning: it’s so awkward.

(Jump to 6:25 for the part where things really get painful.)

Here are a few snippets from the interview that started to go a bit off

Mojo: “Do you worry about Harry when he’s around your mom because it seems like he likes older women?”

Bieber: “I think you should worry about me around your mom, bro.”

Mojo: “Justin, my mom’s dead, so unfortunately, it wouldn’t work.”

Bieber: [Silence.]

Mojo: “This is the moment of the interview where it goes south.”

It turns out Bieber was “a little upset with the question”, and “probably won’t be calling back.” Let it be known now: Justin has no patience when it comes to his mama, so best to keep her out of your list of questions. (You also might want to rethink any Timberlake-related queries, lest you get hung up on.)

We can all get a bit sensitive with comments about our Mammas, I suppose, but would you slam the phone down in the same situation? Do you think it’s a kind of ‘Diva Moment’?


Well do you still want to know how to autotune your voice like Justin Beiber?

Justin is still a young guy, he has some growing up to do yet, and I’m not going to mention Justin TImeberlake or mention Harry the next time we chat. But you can’t deny his singing voice is still top notch. So if you still want to know how to auto tune your voice to be like his here’s a couple of quick tutorials from 2 young guys using a cheap program that can comes free on many  Macs – Garage Band.

This may not be exactly the same but it’s getting there. But in a bid to show how a person can develop this further here’s another young guy using the same program to get his less than melodic voice close to Justins.

Now I’m sure if you played about with this you could probably re-create the interview too. Knowing how to autotune your voice like Justin Beiber could be quite fun for comedy sketches, little Youtube videos or even for creating your own tracks with another sound or feel.

To help you on your way here’s a free download of Justin Beiber lyrics to All Around The World CLICK HERE

It’s surprising what these little programs can do when you know which bits to adjust, and shocking at the same time to think that record producers use more sophisticated version to improve a singers voice. How many of the recording artists actually have a good voice when you can do this with a little piece of software?

Here’s a way you can help

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    I can say I have not got a very good voice. I think I’ll try your free lessons. But I am good on the PC so I would love to try out an autotune software. Are there any free ones?


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