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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

American Idol judges names – Mariah Carey is on the list

Mariah Carey during red carpet interviews at t...
Mariah Carey is on the list of American Idol judges names (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With an uncertain judges line-up the American Idol judges names will include the epic Mariah Carey. As you may or may not know both Stephen Tyler and Jennifer Lopez will not be joining the judging panel, and John Bon Jovi has turned down the gig.

But who cares when Maria Carey has taken the job? Initially Katrina Wheeler had this to say a few days ago.

American Idol judges names

The new season of “American Idol” is highly-anticipated, and the news of Mariah Carey joining the show has fans thrilled. A new report alleges that singer Brad Paisley is being considered to join the show. However, there has been no official confirmation as to which stars are in fact being considered for the other judge position.

Deadline reports that “American Idol” is allegedly considering Brad Paisley to become a judge on the show. The country singer is the latest star to be mentioned in media reports. Other stars that were mentioned in previous reports are Adam Lambert, Carrie Underwood, and Charlie Sheen just to name a few. Mariah Carey is the first new judge to be confirmed, and it remains to be seen who the second will be.

Here’s a video of Brad in action:

Randy Jackson is the only remaining original judge on the show, and fans are certainly hoping to see him return for the upcoming season. Brad Paisley has many fans that would love to see him on the show.

So we still have a little uncertainty here, even with good old Randy Jackson. Nothing like a bit of suspense.

But one thing is for certain Mariah Carey has agreed and she’s going to be one of the judges. She’s signed a one-year deal worth $18 million – making her the highest paid reality show judge. reported that this has even surpassed Jennifer Lopez’s fees of $12 million.

Now it may seem that she wanted to out do Britney Spears fees of $15 million for X-Factor, but Mariah had already been in talks with X-Factor so perhaps the final negotiations that American Idol swung her way was the clincher.

It’s amazing to think that once you have put your dues in, learnt your craft, gone through all your ups and downs, eventually pulled your sh*t together and then come out the other side that you can command such handsome fees for judging and coaching aspiring singers on TV.

No wonder so many people would love to become a famous singer. It’s not easy, but it has some amazing rewards.

So who else do you think will join the list of American Idol judges names?

Mariah is so excited to be on the show, she tweeted this:

“It`s gonna be so much fun working on `American Idol`. As a singer-songwriter, I`m excited to help, find and nurture new talent,” she wrote.

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