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Monday, April 15, 2024

540lb Freddie Combs sings ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ on X Factor USA (VIDEO)

Many of us go through challenges in life. Some more than others it may appear and yet some make a move to step beyond them. Freddie Combs  came on the X Factor USA audition stage and sang an emotional version of Bette Midler’s ‘Wind Beneath My Wings‘.

Freddie is 40 years old and is wheel chair bound due to his obesity he said. He now weighs 540lb which is a major drop from the 920lb he weighed in 2009 when he nearly died.

For some being this weight and size life can appear to be a challenge to want to leave the house, let alone get onto the X Factor audition stage.


Freddie’s wife Kay wheeled him out onto the stage as he dedicated the song to her.

The audience and judges were amazed at Freddie’s singing and Simon Cowell set him a challenge to get healthy enough to stand and sing the song. LA Reid said that he sang ‘heavenly’ and that he will stand by him if he sings the song standing.

 Wind Beneath My Wings – Freddie Combs X Factor USA audition

Freddie Combs wows 1,000's with Wings Beneath my Wings
Freddie Combs wows 1,000’s with Wings Beneath my Wings on X Factor USA

We all need a reason for stepping way out of our comfort zone, even more so when it will help us with our health and quality of life.

Freddie Combs delivers a beautiful song with a beautiful tone in his voice.He has made big headway since 2009 with his health. It would be amazing to see how Simon Cowell‘s challenge and LA Reid‘s promise encourage and motivate Freddie to step up to the next level.

What a blessing opportunities and songs like this can be. Freddie is an inspiration that he took his courage and voice to the X Factor stage. Let’s see him standing. Come on Freddie you can do it!

If you want to practice this song yourself you can get the lyrics by clicking here.



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