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Friday, June 21, 2024

Can anyone learn to sing professionally, even the FBI?

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Can anyone learn to sing professionally like Celine Dion without getting harrased by FBI staff (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A question I keep hearing is can anyone learn to sing professionally? It’s quite a big question, and a challenge as one FBI staff member found out.

Erika Bonilla is an FBI employee that has found that learning to sing professionally has brought challenges into her work place, according to Rheana Murray of the New York Daily News.

FBI employee sues Justice and says co-workers were jealous of her looks and Latin singing career.

A California-based FBI employee, who once worked for the agency in New Mexico, has a message for her former Albuquerque co-workers: “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”

Erika Bonilla has filed suit against the U.S. Justice Department, claiming she was harassed and discriminated against by fellow FBI employees, who were “jealous of her appearance and Latin singing career.”

Bonilla, 38, says the harassment began after she was promoted to an Administrative Specialist in December, 2002, at the Albuquerque FBI field office, ABC News reports.

Bonilla, who began working for the FBI in 2002, says her co-workers spread malicious gossip about her and even accused her of sleeping with the higher-ups to snag the promotion.

The allegation prompted an investigation by the FBI, in which Bonilla “was inappropriately questioned, in accusatory fashion, whether she had engaged in sexual relations with members of the executive management in exchange for promotion,” according to the lawsuit.

But Bonilla says her co-workers simply targeted her “because she is an attractive Hispanic female with a career in Latin music.”

Can anyone learn to sing professionally

So some may say that becoming a professional singer brings accolade and admiration. And I’m sure this was exactly the case for Erika too. She took the steps and practiced regularly and developed her own professional singing career, and it could be implied that such a motivated person would also be seen as a go-getter at work too.

Monnica Garcia, Bonilla’s attorney, told ABC News that Bonilla’s performance ratings have remained consistently positive since she began working for the FBI.

In any work place people always like to blame other factors for others getting ahead of them instead of looking at themselves. The blame game always has a bitter taste to it.

So how is Erika doing now, has this affected her singing career?

The professional Latin singer now lives in California, where she pursues her musical career and works at another FBI office.

Even in challenging situations if you keep your eye on moving forward with what you love and let your voice be heard along the way, things seem to have a way of working out.

It’s true nothing is plain sailing but determination and keeping going is one of the key elements all the top artists seem to work with so if you can master this element then I think there is a very positive answer to the question can anyone learn to sing professionally.

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