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Friday, April 19, 2024

X-Factor competition reject Ben Forster is a Superstar

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Andrew Lloyd Webber judges an X-Factor competition reject to be a Superstar winner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What do they say about perseverance? Never give up. You get kicked out of X-factor and don’t return – but you still persevere and then you become an actual Superstar.

Yes we are talking about Ben Forster.

Carla Hay had this to say about Ben:

Ben Forster, 31, may not have won on “The X Factor” U.K., but he won on “Superstar,”another talent contest on the ITV network. On July 25, 2012, Forster was declared the winner of “Superstar.” The show’s grand prize is a starring role as Jesus Christ in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s stage revival of “Jesus Christ Superstar” that will tour U.K. arenas as of September 2012.

It is always reassuring to see stories like this. It shows that even if you get rejected, if you have the passion, the perseverance and the willingness to keep going on success can come your way.

Forster made it to “The X Factor” U.K. boot camp in 2009 when he was eliminated from the show.

Forster commented to The Sun about his “X Factor” rejection and his “Superstar” victory: “I do believe in fate and I believe that life is a journey, because you learn from everything that happens to you. ‘X Factor’ was a big part of my life for a few months and it would have been a great opportunity if it happened — but it didn’t.

“It is disappointing, but you move on. I’m really happy now because it feels like I’m finally on the right path. That’s something you dream about when you’re playing guitar in a pub in Sunderland and no one even looks up from their glass …

X-Factor competition reject – is no reject anymore

It’s a regular story, you’ve had your several minutes of TV fame and then you are struggling. It’s healthy that Ben sees it all as a journey. There is no success that sprang out of the blue. Every success is preceded by 100’s of failures. That’s the game of life, and I’m pleased that Ben is playing the game without giving up and now he has a prize along the way.

“Winning the show was like a movie moment. Things like that happen in movies, and you think, ‘Life doesn’t really work like that’. But I stood on that stage with everyone on their feet clapping, singing, confetti falling, in front of millions of people on the telly. I just feel so lucky to have had that moment. It’s something I’ll always look back on and be really f*cking proud of.”

It shows that if you keep working on your singing and performing it may not initially look like success is being created, but with the continuous application and self belief, even if a Sunderland crowd don’t recognise your talent, you still keep going.

X-Factor competition woes may well be a strong part of Ben’s current success. Well done Ben.

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