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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

How to become a backup singer for celebrities even when you lose

How to become a backup singer to celebrities
How to become a backup singer to celebrities like Keith Urban. Darren Percival shows the way. (Pic credit: iPhone & Youtube)

Have you watched all these talent shows on TV and watched the already established stars on there and thought to yourself, “I’d love to know how to become a backup singer for celebrities“, well for the big celebs that is.

Do you think it’s a long hard journey just to get to that stage? Everything comes in stepping stones and opportunities all at the same time – just ask Darren Percival – one of the contenders in the Australian version of The Voice.

Geoff Shearer of the Herald Sun had this to say about Darren:

HE was outshone by Karise Eden in the finale of The Voice, but don’t think that’s the last we’ll hear of Darren Percival.

His appearance on the mega-successful reality series has boosted his already impressive career – and his self-confidence and bank account.

As runner-up to Eden, the 40-year-old father of two from Coolum won $30,000.

Industry sources say he has been asked by his Voice coach Keith Urban to join him on his Australia-wide tour in January.

Darren was one of the finalists in the show, and his voice coach was Keith Urban (the New Zealand-Australian country music singer, songwriter and guitarist).

Keith may or may not be familiar to you. His commercial success has been mainly in the United States and Australia, and today he is a very well established international singing celebrity.

Here’s a clip of Darren singing live on the show with his voice and singing coach – Keith Urban.

Now you may of noticed from this clip that quite a connection has developed between Darren, the previously unknown father of 2, and Keith and their voices seem to compliment each others perfectly.

There was no denying a bond between Percival and Urban on The Voice, with the finalist saying he admired Urban for his “genuine nature”.

When asked by the Courier Mail about his voice coach Keith Urban, Darren said that:

“I’ve been a fan for quite a while – since about 2006 – but he is such an amazing musician. A wicked guitar player.”

How to become a backup singer for celebrities

So what is it that helped to create that celebrity connection with Keith – that has now had such a fabulous backup opportunity fall into his lap?

Do you think it’s his talent, his genuine love of what he does, his unfolding belief and conviction in his own style?

Jimmy Barnes, who performed at Monday night’s finale, calls Percival unique.

“The things he does by himself on record as well as live I can’t even begin to think about without being very confused,” he said.

“He is a great singer who has come up with a completely new way of presenting his songs and his spirit to the world.”

An age old saying goes, “He who knows himself is rare amongst souls.” And I guess Darren’s persistence and determination that is unwavering in his understanding of himself and his own unique style has evidently touched those around him, even the celebrities in the camp.

So when you hear people ask and wonder how to become a backup singer for celebrities you could say sign yourself up to The Voice, X-Factor, American Idol or some other similar talent show, but really is that all that’s needed even if it is mixed with that pinch of luck?

Or is it a growing and evolving self-knowledge that allows your true self to be heard and seen. This level of confidence and vulnerability really is rare amongst men and women – but Darren Percival is one of them.

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  • Mark

    Anyone know how to become a backing violinist on shows such as The X Factor?


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