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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

How can I become a famous singer: Kylie Minogue Insights

Many people across the globe ask themselves the question “How can I become a famous singer“, and there are many varied answers to this question.

As with all things it’s a good step forward to observe someone that’s been there and ‘got the T-Shirt’. As the saying goes, “Success leaves tracks”, and these tracks can be studied, learnt from and followed.

Do you think a person with a successful showbiz and international singing career would be someone that you could pick up a few good pointers and tips from?

Well Kylie Minogue recently commented on her 25 year career and shared some interesting insights to her 25 year career in showbusiness.

Becoming A Famous Singer: Insights from Kylie

Français : Kylie Minogue at the Cannes Film Fe...
“How can I become a famous singer” – a question many stars such as Kylie Minogue have asked themselves in the early stages of their singing career (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


IANS Daily News 2012


London, June 17 — Singer Kylie Minogue, who recently completed 25 years in the showbiz, believes that she was destined to become a star.

“I’ve survived with determination and a bit of luck. I feel like this is what I was put here to do and it’s my destiny. So I just try to keep going and this experience has been beautiful,” quoted her as saying.

The 44-year-old beauty said she got emotional as she looked back at all the memorabilia from her career.

“I don’t think many of us look back. Maybe once a year at Christmas the photo albums come out and you all go, ‘Oh remember when…?’ But I don’t spend too much time doing that.

So this year we’ve gone through a lot of photos, a lot of footage, and yeah, it brought that back to me and when I saw images from when I did my first record and my first album, I was like, you are such a baby! It was a whole lot of mixed emotions for me,” she added.


So what are the key elements here for Kylie?

She believed she was destined to be a star, and determined to keep going. I’m sure a lot of practice and preparation took place too. I don’t know about you but everything in life has it’s ups and downs and a fair few kicks along the way, and what I’m getting from Kylie here is the determination to keep going, to believe in yourself even if others don’t. If you want to be a singer, be determined, keep going. You can start to believe in yourself more and more with a few online singing lessons and a determination to practice and keep going even when things get tough.

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