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Friday, June 21, 2024

Free Online Singing Lessons For Beginners Could Inspire Lives

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Free online singing lessons for beginners could the start of a journey that inspires lives (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Getting free online singing lessons for beginners could be the start to a journey that inspires 1,000’s, if not millions. Did you know that your voice could inspire lives for the better?

It might sound a bit far fetched to think that getting singing lessons and practicing your vocal exercises could be the start to a journey that could inspire lives across the globe, but it is actually happening for one recent rising young singer.
And here I’m refering to Zayn Malik of the British-Irish boy band ‘One Direction’.

Kari Muus of MSBC has this to say about Zayn.

As the British-Irish boy band One Direction soared in the pop charts, making teen and tween girls around the world swoon and scream, band member Zayn Malik, tweeted a message that would perplex a large segment of his fans, while being immediately recognizable to millions of others.

“La ila ha ill lalla ho muhammed door rasoolalah.” The 47-character tweet is a common declaration of faith among Muslims: “There is no god but God and Mohammad is the prophet of God.”


You might ask how does this represent inspiration for others, but let me ask you this – do you stand-up for what you believe in? Do any of us remain transparent and true to ourselves when being true to ourselves could create problems?

I know it’s a big question, but even the initial choice of singing lessons can have a ripple effect that we may not originally at first become aware of. Lets see what else Kari has to say about this twittering of Malik.

It was one signal from Malik that as part of his public persona he would embrace a religion that is often feared and reviled in the West, while otherwise acting the traditional teen idol alongside his four floppy-haired band mates in One Direction.

Zayn Malik of One Direction – inspiration born of singing lessons for beginners (photo credit: Wikipedia)

The phenomenon of Malik as global pop star and Muslim — the religion of his Pakistan-born father — is likely to alienate some conservative Muslims and has already sparked the wrath of at least one well known anti-Muslim conservative in the U.S., where the band is currently touring.

But to Wajahat Ali, a San Francisco-based screen writer who is a practicing Muslim, Malik represents progress.
“It is empowering for Muslims worldwide to see the success of a pop star who also happens to be Muslim. It sends that message that a person can be respected for their talent, and their “Musliminess” will not exclude them from the public arena and culture,” said Ali. “It’s also good business. You have a Muslim in a five-person boy band… and you have captured an audience of Muslim girls worldwide.”

Yes it is business, being a professional singer naturally involves business, but at the heart of it all it was all triggered from a love of singing. Then finding your voice and cultivating it through singing lessons online and off.

But the biggest thing I love about Zayn Maliks story is he hasn’t forgotten who he is and what he believes in along the way. So I encourage you as you take up and refine your singing through lessons, practice and exercises remember to stay true to yourself. You never know how much that one thing in itself can be the catalyst to touch and inspire lives both near and far.

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