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Friday, June 21, 2024
Singing lessons for kids online

Singing lessons for kids online and Julia Melone

Singing lessons for kids online
Singing lessons for kids online can be the solution. Just look at Julia Rose Melone, 14. (Image Credit: Bill Ackerman GateHouse News)

Sometimes in a busy life getting regular lessons for your children can be challenging but at least you can find singing lessons for kids online. Something is better than nothing, right?

Well what do you think about 3 or 4 lessons per week? Now that sounds like a tall order, but not for 14 year-old Julia Melone.

Alison Horne has this to report about this young songstress of Brookfield, IL:

When 14-year-old Julia Melone won the Chicago’s Got Talent competition two years ago, she had no idea what kind of opportunities it would bring. Melone has a self-described “alto-belting voice” that has taken the Chicagoland area by storm.

Melone won Chicago’s Got Talent two years ago, and after her win, she was asked to sing the National Anthem at the 2011 Taste of Chicago. Since then, she has been using the clip of her performance to help get other gigs.

So when will Julia make her big debut?

Melone will make her baseball singing debut at the Cubs game at 3 p.m. on Saturday, July 14; and she will follow that up with a performance at the Sox game on Sunday, Sept. 9.

What if she had singing lessons for kids online?

Now you may say this is just a naturally blossoming talent, so when did Julia start singing? This is what Julia had to say…

Since I was very little… I was probably two or three years old. When I was little I used to watch the Disney movie “Tarzan” and you know that main song in the movie? “You’ll be in my heart?” Well I used to walk around singing that song, and it turned out I was actually pretty good.

Now with anything that starts to blossom isn’t it natural to care for it, nurture it and cultivate it – the same applies to a child interested in singing. So how do you care for and nurture a child thats interested in singing? Do you think singing lessons, learning how to develop and care for your voice would play a part?

When asked about lessons julia had this to say…

I do take lessons three or four times a week with Elisa Becker. She’s a singer at the Opera House. I’ve been singing with her for about three years. I don’t sing in choir, but I sing in the productions that I do.

I do things through the Spotlight Youth Theater, which used to be the Christian Youth Theatre. I sing a lot through them. It’s just a theatre group and we do a lot of different shows. We just finished Cinderella and I was the hairdresser.

Interestingly whe Julia was asked about what her favourite part about singing and performing, she had this to say…

I guess I just like becoming someone that I probably would not be in a normal life. It’s just so much fun. I always feel like I come out of my body and I become someone else. I just love performing in front of people. It makes me very happy.

I know as a parent that seeing my kids happy and giving them the tools and opportunities to uncover happiness gives me a sense of happiness too.

So I wonder? If your child is into singing are you going to be looking for singing lessons for kids online?

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