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Friday, June 21, 2024
jason brock x factor usa audition new york state of mind

Jason Brock sings Billy Joel – X Factor USA audition crushes it

Jason Brock X Factor USA audition 2012 New York State of Mind
Jason Brock’s X Factor USA audition 2012 singing New York State of Mind. Amazing,

The USA X Factor is showing so much more talent than I’ve seen before. The X Factor USA audition with Jason Brock is one that blew everyone away.

He walked on stage talking and talking, sharing his dreams of a live show he invisions himself doing. Initially he left Simon Cowell skeptical with such fantasies.

And then he sings. OMG – what a frickin’ voice. He’s not just good, he is awesome.

The X Factor USA audition with Jason Brock


When someone comes on the audition and says that they are amazing and that they have talent – it can makes you hesitate.

But what a lesson from a person who know themself. Jason practices daily and I am sure keeps up with his breathing exercises and further singing lessons.

Again another example of someone who shines from years of practice, practice and more practice. Love it.

Jason Brock is a star and I can really see him doing that stage show he described. What a true lover of music.

Even LA Reid said:

Your are completely flawless. You are amazing.

Your voice is a songs best friend. Every songwriter wants a guy like you to sing their song. You are unbelievable.

Wow. To see the love, the passion and the sparkle of a voice that loves to sing. We love you Jason.

This X Factor USA audition by Jason Brock is one to remember.

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