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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
Jessica Espinoza X Factor USA audition Pink song

Jessica Espinoza crushes an awesome X Factor USA audition

22-year-old Jessica Espinoza’s X Factor USA audition makes it through her Austin audition with Pink’s No Body Knows.

Jessica is from Southside of San Antonio Texas.

X Factor USA audition by Jessica Espinoza

Simon Cowell’s favourite audition. What a performance – it’s understandable the judges all loved it.

X Factor USA audition by Jessica Espinoza sings No Body Knows
X Factor USA audition by Jessica Espinoza sings No Body Knows by Pink

When you sing what do you connect with? What does it convey? How emotionally connected are you with each word you sing?

The connection a singer has with the emotions as they express the words of a song is a direct measure of the connection their audience has. Jessica grabbed everyone’s emotions with every word and phrase. Her belief in herself and her desire of what she wants showed. She obviously practices, practices and practices some more. Impressive.

Her words of wanting to show everyone from her home town that if she can do it, they can do it gave her performance a whole other level of performance. Having an intention of a higher ideal definitley made a difference here.

A lesson to learn from on how to perform and how to deliver.

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