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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Spicy Jennel Garcia sings ‘Sweeter’ by Gavin Degraw X Factor bootcamp

18 year old Jennel Garcia who gave an amazing and raunchy performance in her X Factor USA audition  yet again gives a spicy performance in the X Factor USA bootcamp.

She definitely has a sexy way of performing. All the judges seemed impressed as LA Reid whispers “Spicy!”.

Many of the other contestants looked impressed by Jennel and some looked intimidated and threatened by the 110% performance that she gave.

You can watch the VIDEO below:

Jennel Garcia sings ‘Sweeter’ by Gavin Degraw



Jennel Garcia sings Sweeter in X Factor USA bootcamp
Jennel Garcia sings Sweeter by Gavin Degraw in X Factor USA bootcamp

She obviously loves her rock based music and she must practice those sexy moves in the mirror, but either way she gives it her all with such a happy and joyful energy about her.

It really is a lesson in performing to watch Jennel and the way her performance engages her audience.

You can see she is going to go far in this competition and to think she has put down her welding torch to enter the show. Yes this rocker chick is a student welder from Rochester Massachusetts.


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