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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Susan Boyle knows how to better your singing voice but her neighbours are moving

Susan Boyle knows how to better your singing voice
Susan Boyle knows how to better your singing voice but her neighbours are not impressed (Image Credit: wikipedia)

The Britains Got Talent international star Susan Boyle knows the keys of how to better your singing voice with regular and disciplined practice.

Now that is admirable that a talent such as Susan is taking care of her voice and practicing daily. She has a powerful and impressive voice. But what about if you are her neighbours how would you feel?

According to the New Scotsman her current neighbours are not impressed.

Susan Boyle know how to better your singing voice

NEIGHBOUR’s of singing star Susan Boyle have reportedly complained to the local council – after her voice drowned out the sound of their TV.

Teresa Miller, 39, and fiancé Paul Keaveney, 44, say they contacted the council’s noise team after SuBo started belting out her hits at all hours of 
the day.

The couple live next to the singer in Blackburn, West Lothian, but say they have become so infuriated by the noise of her singing they are looking to move house.

Now SuBo’s voice is powerful and it really does impact you when you hear it, but if it was everyday I’m not sure how it would effect me.

Teresa, a mum of one who has lived next door to the Britain’s Got Talent star for around eight years, said: “It is so loud you can’t hear the telly for it. It’s unbearable at times.

“It’ll be first thing in the morning or late at night and it’s absolutely blaring. We’ve never bought any of her stuff we’ve heard it that much.”

Well on the bright side they don’t have to spend money on CD’s.

She added that requests to the singer to keep the noise down have not been met and they are now hoping the council’s noise control team will step in to sort the problem.

“We’ve phoned the council about it and they gave us a number for a noise monitoring team who can come out and test the levels,” she said.

It is understood their complaint will now be investigated.

A spokesman for west Lothian Council said: “It is not appropriate to comment on individual cases.”

She does have to practice her craft, she does know how to better your singing voice but at the same time I do sympathise with the neighbours.

If you want to support Susan’s freedom to practice here’s what you can do

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1 Comment

  • Austin

    SuBo has been hidden away for so long before she was discovered so I feel that she deserves the right to practice as much as she wants. But I must admit I couldn’t listen to it day-in day-out either.

    Perhaps someone needs to donate or suggest a new house for her to practice to her hearts content in. (But not one in Wolverhampton near me though)


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