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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
jade collins x-factor audition 2012

X Factor UK audition star Jade Collins wished her dad was there

jade collins x factor audition beyonce sweet dreams
Jade Collins X Factor audition with Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams touches everyone’s heart

Learning how to become a famous singer at age 17 so that you can help your family in one way or another is a motivator for some. The tearful steps Jade Collins made just before stepping up to her X Factor UK audition 2012 grabbed you by the heart with her tearful wishes that her father could be there to see her step onto the stage.

Before stepping on stage the 17-year-old Belfast girl said:

I don’t really live with my daddy at the minute, he’s like in and out of my life.

He took the wrong path and wasn’t really there for us. I don’t want to cry. He was in and out of jail his whole life and just wasn’t there for any of us.

My daddy’s been in prison ever since I can remember. I just want him to be here and he can’t be here, I can’t change that and I never can.
Today’s audition is so important, this could really, really change things in my life, I’d just be much happier if my daddy was here to see this.

These are very emotional and heart wrenching words. You couldn’t but help wish she does well infront of the judges.

X Factor UK audition with Jade Collins


To hear Jade’s mother say that she practices, practices and practices shows Jades dedication to becoming a singer. Every singer looks after their instrument, practices daily, does their breathing exercises and takes advantage of singing lessons.

And Jades performance showed that her passion is 110% singing.

The Daily Mirror reported that after belting out Sweet Dreams by Beyoncé, Jade told the judges how her father had never got to hear her sing because he was always in jail.

Her passionate performance had won the judges over and Louis Walsh said: ‘Jade, you are so wrong and you are so emotional, it’s like you’ve got so much pain inside.’

Jade said: ‘I’ve just always dreamt of being here and now I am, it’s just hard to believe.’

It’s so impressive to see how passionate and important singing is to a potential star. Our love and best wishes are with you Jade.
Your family should be so proud of your X Factor UK audition little Miss Jade Collins. Look forward to seeing you in boot camp.
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