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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Fans screaming for Justin Bieber concert tickets in Australia

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber concert tickets Australia (Photo credit: cukuskumir)

Justin Bieber’s world tour is well under way and fans are literally screaming for Justin Bieber concert tickets in Australia. Excited fans are scrambling for tickets and many lucky ones have already purchased tickets ready to see the Bieber in action.

Nathan Klein and Leigh van den Broeke have found that fans are simply screaming Bieber fever just at the sight of Justin let alone his singing. Is this the power of an international marketing machine in action? Is it the power of a highly focused young man that has practiced his singing, breathing and mindset exercises daily? Or is it just young teenage girls in a frenzy of Beiber fever excited at the presence of their singing idol?

Screaming for Justin Bieber concert tickets in Australia

HE sang three songs – but all it took was the sight of Justin Bieber before hundreds of girls started screaming and crying.     

Coolly dressed in a white tee and black bomber jacket, the 18-year-old popstar blew the crowd away at Circular Quay this morning at a special outdoor concert organised by Sunrise.

It was his fans first chance to see the Canadian heartthrob since he jetted into Sydney on Monday night – dodging the cameras by getting off his private jet and driving straight off the tarmac to his hotel.

Building a singing career can have many interesting side effects including the adorations of thousands of teenagers.

Bieber warmed up the crowd with an acoustic rendition of his latest hit As Long As You Love Me before performing another two numbers and chatting to his supporters on stage.

Bieber took crowd control into his own hands during the outdoor concert in Sydney as fans showed their collective crush for the teen star.

Bieber did what security and police could not during this morning’s Sunrise performance – persuade thousands of teenage fans to step back for their own safety.

Presenter David Koch did his best to calm the crowd after several distressed audience members were carried out by staff, but it required Bieber to intervene before they actually listened.

“This is why I love coming to Australia,” he said while looking down at the hundreds of iPhones taking pictures of him.

They say with great power comes great responsibility, and at least 18 year old Justin stepped up to the mark. He also had a frank interview just prior to this short concert where he shares the stresses that get him ‘grumpy’, as well as this crazy level of fame and fortune that has lead to the selling of 15 million albums and a personal wealth of $100 million.

So no wonder fans are screaming for Justin Bieber concert tickets in Australia but how would you cope with this level of fame? Do you think you would need a lot of mindset exercises and guidance?

And it’s wonderful to hear how he still keeps his family close. Let’s hope he doesn’t forget to keep that up.

My kids have hounded me to death to get tickets

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