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Sunday, April 14, 2024

44 year old fairy X Factor UK audition Melanie Masson

LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 16:  Tulisa Contostav...
Tulisa Contostavlos raves about the X Factor UK audition of Melanie Masson (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Imagine you are a mother of 2 beautiful children and you are known more by a fairy name than your own by your neighbours. You walk out into an X Factor UK audition as Melanie Masson.

Your story of being known as a fairy seems to detract from any expectation of a good audition… and then you start singing.

X Factor audition by Melanie Masson

So what did the judges say. They were somewhat speechless.

…she had been singing in bands since she was 15, but took a break from music to raise her two kids.

“Music is the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do but I feel it’s kind of make or break now,” she said backstage. “I’m going to sing today like it’s the last time I’m ever going to sing.”

Gary Barlow said, “That was insane, oh my god that voice! You were guiding us through the song. It was amazing, it really was.”

Louis Walsh said, “Melanie where did that voice come from and where has it been? You’re 44, this is what the show is all about, finding somebody as amazing as you and giving them a chance.”

Guest judge Anastacia said: “I completely can’t believe that you killed it like that. It is never too late to have a record deal girl!”

Tulisa raved: “You came on stage and you seemed really gentle and then all of a sudden this fire and this soul and this diva came out of you. You owned that stage and you absolutely rocked it – that is how you do an audition. Amazing.”

I must admit her voice was amazing. Even the first 2 notes of the song blew you away. What an opportunity to get on the X Factor stage and eventually get to share your gift at 44.

This X Factor UK audition of Melanie Masson is one to remember.

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