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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

X-Factor Judges America – the new mean one: Britney Spears

Singer Britney Spears was one of the best sell...
X-Factor Judges America now includes Britney ‘BeeAtch’ Spears. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With a new like up on Fox the X-Factor judges America has now experienced a new level of meanness in the  form of Britney Spears. You may well wonder if anyone could be meaner to poor performing contestants more than Simon Cowell, and now the answer is a big resounding YES according to Michele Amabile Angermiller.

X-Factor Judges America – Britney ‘Bitch’ Spears

If fans of “The X Factor” are wondering just who will be the meanest judge this season, a new promo released by Fox has the answer: It’s Britney, bitch!

In an “X Factor” first-look clip released by the network, Britney Spears shoots down a vocalist with one cutting comment: “I don’t know who let you on stage.”


Now many call this projection. You project your own crap onto others – but is this the case with Britney Bee-atch?

Not to be outdone, Simon Cowell is seemingly back in rare form, cutting a contestant to the quick with one of his classic putdowns.

“You perform like a dog trying to lay an egg,” he sneers in the promo.

So is this the same for Simon Growl, I mean Cowell. Perception is reality. What you perceive in front of you is only a projection of what’s inside of you. When you say you see ‘crap’ it’s because you feel and see crap inside of you. Or is this psycho lingo just a smoke screen for a few poor performances?

Practice, practice and practice – a few singing lessons – a smidgin of self-confidence and self-belief. Is this enough for this seasons growling panel?

The rest of the sneak peak, which repeats the mantra, “Are you ready?,” is equally entertaining. Spears tells a singer that he’s “hot,” while Cowell delights in embarrassing fellow judge Demi Lovato by divulging her dating status as “single.” It also appears several would-be superstars end up in the emergency room.

In other “X Factor” news, the reality show crossover continues as reports are swirling that Tarralyn Ramsey, a rejected singer from “The Voice,” wowed the judges in Greensboro, Ky. Additionally, Shelby Lynn Tweten, famously featured in the “American Idol” Aspen, Colo., auditions (she suffered from bipolar disorder) showed up in Kentucky for another shot.

Here’s some more video footage from the new show:

Everyone gets stage fright and nerves. But are some of the contestants simply delusional and lack the foundations of the right vocal exercises, breathing practices and poor preperation. Many suggest recording and videoing yourself for watching and critiquing your own performances.

Every master was once a disaster. So even if you get a kick or two it doesn’t mean you don’t have it within you. I know many would disagree, especially when some performers sound like a screaming cat being suffocated in a dustbin liner, but we all have to start somewhere. So when it comes to the X-Facor judges America is Britney Spears really going to be an out and out Bitch?

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