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Friday, June 21, 2024

The story of how to become a singer like Jessie J

Jessie J
The story of how to become a singer like Jessie J (Photo credit: Mikhail Teguh Pribadi)

It’s natural to look at the successful stars and wonder how do I become a singer like them. It may seem that it’s an overnight success for many but in most cases they really just is not so. If you were wondering how to become a singer like Jessie J you may be surprised to find out how she got to where she is now.

The Edinburgh Evening News had this to report about how Jessie J started out.

How to become a singer like Jessie J

To many, it looked as if Jessie J had arrived fully-formed with an armful of hit songs when she broke through a couple of years ago – but she was no overnight sensation.

When she was 11, she was cast in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s West End production of Whistle Down The Wind. Then, having started to take music seriously in her teens, she was signed to a record label as a solo artist shortly after her 17th birthday.

“I’d been in a girl band for two years before that, but that didn’t come off,” she explains.

After her first brush with the music industry came to nothing, she began trying to sell the songs she’d written to other artists, with a great deal of success.

The singer has written for Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus – yet she’s reluctant to call herself a songwriter.

“It’s kind of come across in interviews like that’s my main thing and being an artist is second, but that’s not it at all,” she says.

So over the years Jessie J has developed quite a wipe range of skills that have touched many people in many ways.

The singer, whose real name is Jessica Cornish, was due to play Scotland’s biggest music festival last summer – but she was forced to cancel having snapped a bone in her left foot after toppling over when rehearsing for a show in a pair of towering heels.

Lets hope she gets better soon.

“It’s great to be respected at that level so early on in my career, but I’ve not made my mind up yet whether I’d wanna do it again.”

Whatever she decides, the 24-year-old Essex girl is now one of the most recognisable pop stars on the planet, having sold more than 12 million copies of her debut album around the world. After such enormous success, she admits the pressure is really on to produce a second album that matches her first.

“It took me seven years to get people interested in the first album, so the pressure weighs heavy on my shoulders with the anticipation of the second,” she says.

This is an exciting journey she is on now, but coming back to the original question on how to sing like Jessie J one particular singer mentioned on Yahoo:

 I can’t sing as high as Jessie J, when I do try it just sounds whiny/like a cat. How do I make those high/chest-sounding notes purer sounding and less whiny?

Example of song I sound whiny in:
Jessie J’s “Mama Knows Best” (Pretty much any note above C5 and on the opening note “Well…”)

And a simple answer came back regarding ‘lip rolling exercises’.

Practise every one or two days doing exercises like lip rolls (and pieces(songs), also try to get lessons which will help you develop good technique so you won’t strain high notes.( which is probably what your doing, straining the high notes which is why they sound whiny ).

Here is an excellent video that shows you how to practice ‘lip rolls’:

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