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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Jillian Jensen vs Latasha Lee Robinson sing off shock: X Factor USA bootcamp

Jillian Jensen vs Latasha Lee Robinson sing Stay - X Factor bootcamp
Bullied Jillian Jensen vs Latasha Lee Robinson sing Stay in X Factor bootcamp sing off.

The X Factor USA bootcamphas a sing-off between pairs of contestants. The sing off between Jillian Jensen and Latasha Lee Robinson brought shock and surprise. Jillian shared in her audition how much she had been bullied and the painful impact it had on her life.

So to hear Latasha being asked “Do you feel competitive? Do you think you can take her” (referring to Jillian) and then Latasha reply’s “Oh, yeah.”


That must of brought back a few less than happy memories for Jillian. But did it effect Jillian – I think it did.

Jillian Jensen vs Latasha Lee Robinson sing “Stay” by Sugarland

It was heart warming to see Jillian, 19, try to support Latasha. It was also powerful to see how Jillian channels all her lifes pain and passion straight into her song, into her singing, into her performance.

She exemplifies the saying, “That which does not kill me, can only make me stronger.”

And Jillian’s performance and presence on that stage was the epitomy of strength. A complete inspiration for anyone who’s suffered in their lives at the hands of others.
You can watch Jillian Jensen’s original audition again where she shares her bullying story by clicking here.


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