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Friday, June 21, 2024
Christina Aguilera The Voice season 3 BadMexicanBoyFromFlickr

NBC The Voice season 3 last auditions and show changes

Adam Levine NBC The Voice season 3 2012 -Lunchbox LPFromFlickr
NBC The Voice season 3 last auditions and show changes (Image credit: Lunchbox LPfromFlickr)

The last NBC The Voice season 3 auditions take place in LA on August 11 and 12 so the clock is ticking to get on the show. If you want to know how to audition we will share this with you shortly. So even though time is ticking the show is set for new changes.

The official kick-off date for the show is on September 10 at 8PM ET on NBC, and according to Gayle Thompson changes are set to take place on the horizon.

The third-season premiere of “The Voice” is only a few weeks away, and the Emmy-winning talent competition promises to shake things up this time around. While the four coaches — Blake SheltonCee Lo GreenMaroon 5‘s Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera — will each return to the famous red swivel seats, changes in the show’s format will abound this fall, according to show host, Carson Daly.

So what are these changes going to be:

“We had too many people in the live rounds, and it was hard to keep track of them. It was hard to fall in love because there were so many,” Daly tells “One of the things [executive producer] Mark Burnett excels at, his production company excels at, is telling stories. And [in the case of ‘The Voice’], these stories are so cinematic and they tug at the heartstrings.”

Now I must admit with a number of these shows, I for one have had tears in my eyes – so I guess there is an artform to telling stories so that pull at the heart strings. And yes – it definitely gets you engaged on a deeper level than just pure singing entertainment.

Even the preview videos tell a story of battle and passion. Now this isn’t a tear jerker story but one of battle and passion.

NBC The Voice season 3 show changes

The TV host hints that the captivating battle rounds will have some alterations as well, including the potential for “interchangeability” among the mentors (although he doesn’t officially comment on what that means exactly). One thing that won’t change, he notes, is the intense emotions the contestants experience when they first take the stage.

“I watch these auditions standing right next to the families and loved ones of these contestants, while they put everything on the line in 90 seconds,” he says. “And it’s hit or miss. You just need one mentor to press one button, and when they do, it’s a moment of elation. But if there isn’t a button-push, it’s the most awkward room and the most awkward place you can possibly imagine on television.”

This aspect is totally a unique aspect to the show and yet so far the contestants on the show have not yet transformed their TV celebrity-ism into instant success, unlike contestant’s on the talent-search competitor, “American Idol.”

The Voice needs to have some of this on the horizon so that they can establish a level of stability and longevity to the brand of ‘The Voice’. But I guess when you look at the youthfulness of the other shows it took a few seasons before they got an international singing star, like American Idol’s Kelly Clarkson moment.

Do you think you or someone you know could be the Voice that makes this transition for the show?

So if you do and you want to get into the last NBC The Voice season 3 auditions there is only 1 chance left this season.

The last auditions are being held in LA on August 11 and August 12.

Los Angeles Convention Center
1201 S. Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90015
Parking: South Hall

So you’ll need to get a move on. You can apply by registering here: click here

The instructions to get on the show can be found here: click here

Click like and share if you would love to see one of your friends audition and make it all the way.

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