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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

X Factor UK audition 2012 rocks with Joseph Whelan

Whole Lotta Love album cover by Led Zeppelin
X Factor audition 2012 with Joseph Whelan singing Whole Lotta Love album cover by Led Zeppelin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

X Factor UK audition 2012 rocks out with Joseph Whelan of Wolverhampton. Joseph walked out onto the X Factor stage to the screams of the girls in the audience.

I think it was something to do with his good looks. He hadn’t spoken or even talked at this stage.

Joseph had recently separated from his long-term partner and described not living with his little boy as heartbreaking but promised to do him proud by making the most of his once in a lifetime opportunity at the X Factor.

And that was just the reaction he got.

Talking about his son backstage, he said, “When I look at him he just lights up my life. Being a father is the best thing ever. The reason I’m here today is because I really want to try and give my son the best life possible, I’d feel complete in life if I could do that.”

Joseph Whelan’s X Factor UK audition 2012

By day Joseph works as a tool sales man visiting building sites, but just walking on stage he impressed everyone by just being himself. The judges looked puzzled when the first few chords of Whole Lotta Love first started (a Led Zepplin track) – well that was until Joseph started singing.

Originally Rock legend Robert Plant the lead singer of Led Zepplin sang Whole Lotta Love and he too is a local lad to Wolverhampton (mainly for the football). Robert Plant is classed as one of the best Rock vocalists of all time – so how did Wolverhampton’s Joseph do?

Tulisa told the 26 year-old Joseph: “Oh my god, what a voice! What a tone you have. I think Gary’s gonna start getting jealous because you’re gonna be stealing all of the female attention.”

Gary Barlow and Louis both agreed that he was brilliant and awesome.

And scary spice, Mel B said, “You smashed it! You’re really hot… You’ve got great tattoos… and you smash things up with tools… and then you sing!”

“He’s one to watch guys.” Louis told the other judges after all giving him the 4 yes’s.

And what a tear jerker it was that after getting his 4 yes’s, Joseph’s little son Kian joined him on stage.

Click like and share if you were as moved as I was watching this. Tweet this post if you think Kian is right to be proud of his amazing father. This X Factor audition 2012 with Joseph Whelan is a memorable one.

Way to go Joseph. I look forward to you going far in this competition. xxx

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