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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Vocal techniques for singing, are they essential

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Do you practice vocal techniques for singing? Have you heard of any such techniques? I’m sure you have.

It’s always useful to understand any instrument better and when it comes to singing there’s more that comes into play other than just opening your mouth. Many of the top vocal and singing coaches consider it useful for all their students to understand the instrument they are developing better so that they understand how and why exercises will make a difference.

So here are a few insights regarding the types of breathing and how they will help anyone with their singing (thanks to Vocal Technique Tips).

Abdominal breathing – Why?

Although using abdominal breathing during singing is best, many people do not breathe like that in everyday life.
There are different ways of breathing; abdominal (belly), chest, or a combination of the two.
In everyday life it doesn’t matter very much how you breathe as long as you allow your lungs to fill themselves with air and use your diaphragm in the process.
Poor breathing techniques can lead to all sorts of physical problems though, like hyper ventilating, fatigue, dizzyness, etc.
Vocal techniques for singing
Vocal techniques for singing are made clearer when you undeerstanding breathing better.

So it’s interesting to note that understanding and practicing good breathing techniques can save you a lot of discomfort.

When you sing, the abdominal breathing technique is most effective. This has everything to do with the function of your diaphragm during singing.
Abdominal breathing allows the diaphragm to reach it’s lowest position. By doing so, it pushes your organs down and a little forward. That is why your belly becomes bigger when you inhail.
When you start singing, the diaphragm will move upwards. By using breath support (abdominal muscles become active) you will slow the diaphragm down which gives you the opportunity to control the airpressure and -flow longer and better. The result of this is a free sound and the possibility to sing long lines.
This might sound a bit academic, but think about it…. becoming aware of abdominal breathing rather than the usual shallow breathing exercises internal organs and muscles that will give greater power to your singing.

Vocal techniques for singing

Here’s a little video that shows how all this works. Singers including Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Celine Dion and even Pavarotti are all aware and conscious of this process. Check it out here.
Now it is noted that for some training in this kind of abdominal breathing is less than easy – and that’s only because they don’t naturally breath in this way.
We are all used to what we are used to and old habits do reign most of the time. Any change can feel uncomfortable but if you want a powerful, smooth and consistent singing voice something needs to be done – changes applied.
So for instance singers that tend to breathe more in the chest will find some initial challenges when learning to use this abdominal technique.
The best way to learn this technique is study with a good voice teacher. It’s worth your money, because a good breathing technique is one of the most important elements of good and healthy singing!
To improve your singing, according to many of the top vocal coaches, it really is essential to get some good vocal techniques for singing under your belt and to practice them daily.

Here’s how you can help.

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  • Ashley

    Never knew there was so much to breathing. Useful. I’m sharing this with a few friends


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