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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

X Factor Controversy over managed acts in the UK

All these reality TV competition shows are undertaking a few changes and X Factor is no different. X Factor controversy  has upset a few people witha recent change in the rules regarding managed acts.

According to Michael Baggs, a performer in his own right:

A spokesperson for X Factor has stated that bands and singers with management will stand no advantage in this year’s reality TV show over those who do not.

National Television Awards 2012: More Photos
X Factor controversy over managed acts being allowed on the show (Photo credit: Beacon Radio)

For the first time in the shows history, new changes in the rules now allow artists with managers to enter the show. This has caused a degree of controversy because many feel that the managed acts will be superior to those that are not managed.

X Factor controversy – the Executive Producer speaks out

Now, the show’s executive producer has defended the decision, saying that the show still offers everyone a ‘fair chance’.

“We aim to give everyone the opportunity to come and be part of the show. Everybody that comes along and applies to the show all go through the same process,” says Richard Holloway.

“[The rule change is] just broadening the net and opening it up so that everybody gets an opportunity. Every single person, whether they have got any form of management or not will go through the same process.”

It’s an interesting point of view and I suppose it gives more of a chance for those that officially could not enter the show previously.

Tulisa had her own two pennies to share on the matter too.

“Just because someone has a manager or experience in the music business doesn’t mean they any less deserving to be on the show than a normal person with a normal job who’s had no experience.

“There are so many people out there that are so talented, that have managers, Just because they have a manager doesn’t mean that it’s any easier for them to make it than anybody else.

“I had a manager for seven years of my career before I got anywhere at all. I think it’s just about being fair. It’s a stigma that if you’ve had experience or had management, so you shouldn’t be allowed on the show. I think it’s a load of rubbish.”

There are many artists out there struggling to get a real break, would it not be fair to at least allow them to impress us and the judges panel on X-Factor?

Surely the right talent will shine through irrelevant of whether someone has a manager or not.

Just because you have a manager, it does not mean you are putting the daily practice in, improving and refining your voice. It does not mean you are regularly taking on or offline singing lessons and improving your skills and talent in the right way.

Just because you have a manager it does not mean you understand and practice the right breathing techniques. Many of the managed acts sometimes appear to have fell into a series of bad habits, that some of the fresher contestants are not bound up with.

I for one think it’s fair to open the doors to all. The show has a magical dynamic for filtering out those that are talented and still developing and those that think they have talent and are closed to further development.

Zoe Alexander demonstrated a level of that closed temperament sadly her own self-detriment.

So is it really X Factor controversy for managed acts to step onto the stage? I feel not.

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I’m sure Zoe is a lovely lady in her own right and perhaps this episode has been a massive learning curve for her, but it makes you wonder if it will impact the bookings she gets from now on?

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