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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

X Factor UK Audition with ASDA worker Jahmene Douglas

IMG_7296 - Jahmene
Jahmene Douglas X Factor UK audition (Photo credit: flamesworddragon)

One of the most impressive auditions in the latest X Factor UK auditions is from ASDA Walmart worker Jahmene Douglas.

Louis Walsh said Jahmene is the one he wants to mentor. Nicole says “he’s world class, he could sell records all over the world and Gary Barlow says he’s never seen a vocal performance like it before, “it was off the scale”.

What a sweet and wonderful guy too.

X Factor UK audition with Jahmene Douglas

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I for one wish Jahmene the best of luck in the show, but I’m confident that he will have a career no matter what.

Just to imagine that such a voice has been hidden from the world so far. I wonder what singing exercises he practices each day, what breathing exercises. If you play the video again you’ll notice what an extraordinary level of control he has on his voice. Wow.

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