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Friday, April 19, 2024

X-Factor UK 2012 – Ella Henderson getting famous at 16

National Television Awards 2012
X Factor UK 2012 – Ella Henderson Tulisa wants to mentor her (Photo credit: Beacon Radio)

The X Factor UK 2012 kicked off with a judges table that included Gary BarlowTulisa Contostavlos and Louis Walsh and a few additional surprises.

A guest judge Mel B of Scary Spice joined the panel to audition X Factor ‘I want to be a famous singer’ hopefuls. Mel was not impressed with anybody and did not have a good word to say for most of the auditions until the point a 16 year old girl took the stage.

The examiner had this to say about this amazing 16 year old, named Ella Henderson.

Ella Henderson, 16, gave what has been described as the best performance of the episode: She got a standing ovation when she sang a song that wrote herself. Some media outlets have already begun to label Henderson as “the next Adele,” although that’s a lofty comparison and it’s too early to know how well Henderson will do during and after “The X Factor.”

This incredible 16 year old said that she had been writing her own songs since she was 13, and the performance she gave was both emotional and moving.

Walsh commented to Henderson: “It’s hard to believe you’re only 16 years old. Absolutely brilliant. You’re a class act.”

Contostavlos added: “You’re just a star.”

Barlow said, “That performance was absolutely out of this world.”

Guest judge Melanie Brown gushed: “Your songwriting is so clever. It made me go into my own little world. When you sang it, you just made me believe every single word. I was right there with you.”

Ella was as moved and emotional just as much as the impact her song had on the audience too.

Tulisa, who said she would love to mentor Ella, went behind scenes to ask Ella about her song. Ella shared that her song was inspired and dedicated to her grandfather who died when she was younger. She said that her Grandfathers advice that has stuck with her was to not let what anyone says to her stop her from singing.

Here is Ella’s incredible performance. It’s a classic example of how to become a famous singer aged 16.


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X Factor UK 2012 is off to a great start.

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