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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Olympics opening ceremony sing-along climax with Paul McCartney

English: Paul McCartney @ FedEx Field, Landove...
Sing-along climax with Paul McCartney at the Olympics opening ceremony (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a singer there are heights of fame, and there are varying levels of skill in connecting with your audience. At the Olympics opening ceremony 2012 one famous singer demonstrated his undeniable skill of getting an incredible level of audience participation.

Paul McCartney sang Hey Jude and got the whole stadium to sing in unison along with him.

Paul McCartney sing-along at the Olympics opening ceremony 2012

The Daily Mail intently had this to report about the extravaganza:

The musical climax of the evening was provided by Sir Paul McCartney, the most successful songwriter in British history, who had the crowd singing and swaying.

Smiling widely as he sat playing the piano, the British singer performed two songs: The End and Hey Jude.

Towards the end of the performance he stood up and clapped his hands in the air, encouraging the audience to sing-along.

He asked the men to join in – and then asked the women to get involved, before the whole stadium sang together.

He was watched by his daughter Stella McCartney who has played a key part in designing Team GB’s costumes.

Broadcast to a television audience estimated at one billion, Universal Music said an album of the ceremony soundtrack would be on sale ‘within moments’ of the ceremony ending.

As an opening to many days of athletic excellence to come this musical extravaganza was a gold medal performance in being the ultimate famous singer and song writer.

Watch the video above a few times and watch how McCartney engages his audience and bring the whole Olympics opening ceremony to the climax it deserved.

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