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Monday, July 15, 2024

Become a singer like Rihanna using the Ukelele even if you having learning difficulties

How to become a singer like Rihanna using the Ukelele
How to become a singer like Rihanna using the Ukelele, even if you have learning difficulties [Image Credit: Wikipedia]
Have you noticed how popular the Ukele has become recently? It’s an interesting instrument that once you start strumming it compels you to sing along. One particular lady, Sarah Close, demonstrates how to become a singer like Rihannausing this simple and engaging instrument. But more on that shortly.

Clarisa Morales Roberts of BeniciaPatch entirely agrees after speakig to Stan Houston.

In a matter of a few years, the ukulele has become the instrument of choice for budding musicians of all ages. They pop out of lockers on high school campuses and out of backpacks at barbecues. “It looks like its fun and easy to use and learn, and that is the reality,” said ABC Music owner and ukulele instructor Stan Houston.

Stan even points to the fact that the Uke is an excellent therapy tool for the elderly too.

Houston stated that “you don’t have to read music to really enjoy it, and you can learn it fairly quickly no matter how old you are.”

Houston said that the ukulele is easy for all learners ages 8 to 80.  “We have four or five students that are well over the age of 70 that have taken ukulele (lessons) and done pretty well,” Houston said. “It tends to be a great instrument for teaching older people that are past the age of 65 or 70, who want to keep a crisp control of their brain activity…it tends to keep the brain really active.”

It even helps children with learning difficulties.

Houston has also found that the ukulele is a great instrument for children with learning challenges. The ukulele is a rhythm instrument with only four strings, which is partially why it is so easy to learn.

Even learn how to become a singer like Rihanna using the Ukelele

 Part of what makes the ukulele so popular is that it is easy for players to sing along.  “The ukulele brings out the singer in everybody almost…for some reason when you strum that ukulele it invokes an invitation on the part of the person who is playing it to go ahead and sing,” Houston said. Most beginners learn to play well known American Folk songs first such as “She’ll be Coming Around the Mountain,” which makes learning to strum and sing at the same time easier. “It’s really quite a blast,” Houston said.

Here Sarah Close sings a Rihanna song ‘You Da One’ using the Ukelele

What a beautiful voice and rendition. To compare here’s the original.

And just to throw another Ukelele version into the pot here’s a rendition of Nicki Minaje Superbass.

I don’t know about you but I love the Uke version, it seems to bring out  purer sound to the voice well at least for Sarah she really did demonstrate how to become a singer like Rihanna using the Ukelele. And when you take Stan’s experience into account to the use of the Uke seems to be a very useful tool for adults and children with learning difficulties.

Why not try it out for yourself.

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  • Lu

    I think Rihanna has a real good voice but from the videos you’ve chosen the ukelele version sounds better (strangely) and I really loved the Nicki one too. These ladies have good voices too, so I’m not sure if that’s to do with the uke or not.


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