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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Whitney Houston – how can you sing better than that?

Whitney Houston sings with Sparkle
Whitney Houston sings with Sparkle (image credit: wikipedia)

She will be sadly missed, she left her mark on the world as well as her nearest and dearest. Whitney Houston her life and memory makes you wonder How Can You Sing Better than that?

In loving memory her daughter and adopted son have had tattoos in her honor.

How can you sing better?

Nancy Dillon of the NY Daily News says that Whitney Houston’s kids wanted to mark her 49th birthday.

Daughter Bobbi Kristina, 19, and brother-turned-boyfriend Nick Gordon visited Inksomnia Tattoo in Alpharetta, Ga., Wednesday night to get matching designs on their right wrists featuring the singer’s initials, a quartet of the beloved birds of peace and two small crosses.

“The doves have a spiritual connotation, flying free I suppose,” said Inksomnia owner Mike Cummings, who personally inked Kristina while another artist handled Gordon.

And in her memory and honor remembering the spirit of Whitney couldn’t be more fitting.

Cummings said the couple walked in with a film crew for their new reality TV series and outlined their vision for the indelible memorial to the singer.

“They were happy at times, and sad at others. When you would talk about their mom, they got sad, but we tried to keep their spirits up,” Cummings told the Daily News.

The daughter of the late music icon posted a photo of the new body art on Twitter.

“Tat tat tatted YURP.. 😉 now your truly ALWAYS with us mommy (: we love you,” tweeted Kristina, who has been an Inksomnia customer ever since her mom took her there at age 15 to get her belly button pierced.

Gordon, 22, was informally adopted by Houston as a minor and caused a stir when he began dating Bobbi Kristina shortly after the singer’s death.

“Happy Birthday Mom You will be forever missed,” he wrote on Twitter Thursday.

The couple is filming the reality show, “The Houston Chronicles” for Lifetime.

How can you sing better?

Your children honor you, your fans still adore you – it’s tragic that she is no longer physically with us but Whitney Houston’s spirit still lives on.

The last movie she did is still yet to be released – ‘Sparkle’, so there is still more to come of Whitney.

The TriStar flick follows three teenaged sisters from Detroit as they form a girl group during the 1960s Motown era. Houston, who helped produce the film, plays the sisters’ single mom.

“Sparkle” star Jordin Sparks tweeted her own birthday message Thursday and posted a photo of Houston in full costume from the set.

Here’s a few words from Whitney on the set of Sparkle on the set in a Church. Beautiful. How can you sing better than that!

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