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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Learn how to sing, online lessons and winning the Voice

Learn how to sing online lessons are an easy way to fit your singing technique and practice into a busy life, especially if you’re one of the contestants in any of these TV singing talent shows.

How many of these new stars on programs such as the X-Factor, The Voice or even American Idol actually used online singing lessons as part of their journey? It may be hard to know, and I’m sure many of them put lots of hours into practicing and using various vocal coaching techniques on a daily basis.

One such newly risen star is Karis Eden, winner of The Voice in Australia. She dominating iTunes almost over night.

UPDATE from Cameron Adams:

THE Voice winner Karise Eden continues to dominate iTunes with four of the Top 5 highest selling songs today.

Karise Eden


However, fans are still purchasing three other of her songs over the winner’s single You Won’t Let Me.

Eden premiered the ballad to over three million viewers on The Voice last night.

The song is No.5 on iTunes today, with her covers of Stay With Me Baby at No.1 and Hallelujah at No.2.

Eden’s original track, I Was Your Girl, is No.3.


Learn how to sing – online lessons from the stars

A beautiful voice, with plenty of control and near perfect breathing technique. That’s something that’s learnt and yet sounds so natural too.

In such a short space of time…

Remarkably, Eden has six songs in the iTunes Top 10, including previous covers Nothing’s Real But Love (No.7) and Landslide at No.8.

Eden now embarks on the gruelling promotional schedule that will be her life – for the foreseeable future.

The 19-year-old Sydneysider will spend today doing interviews as part of The Voice post-mortem.


Could you see yourself in this situation? Could you see one of your friends or relatives in this position if only they practiced more, got the right lessons and exercises under their belt.

Just listening to Karise brings a sense of magic to the heart. And all this with a voice, ongoing lessons and the determination to seize and opportunity.

The Voice grand final smashes TV ratings

THE grand final edition of The Voice smashed through the three million viewer mark last night.

And all I can say is well done Karise, a worthy winner and a lady with a bright sining career ahead of her.

You can listen to the winning song online by clicking here.

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