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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
How to become a paid singer - Ashanti (Image credit: MoniqueTatumFromFlickr)

How to become a paid singer at $20k a pop

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How to become a paid singer – Rhythm and blues singer Ashanti can command sizable fees just for turning up (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Singing isn’t a chore for most people, well not when you get to love the craft but how to become a paid singer that can command $20,000 just to turn up is a different kettle of fish altogether.

Well if you are a Grammy Award-winning singer $20,000 just to speak let alone sing is not unusual. staff report that Ashanti – the Grammy award-winner – was paid $20,000 to speak to kids at a city high school. This is what they had to say:

Grammy Award-winning singer Ashanti was paid $20,000 to speak to kids at Atlantic City High School. School officials said the payment was typical for a celebrity speaker.

This, apparently was not well recieved when it became publically known

Most commenters overwhelmingly denounced the fee and Ashanti taking it:

20 Grand for a singer to tell kids to stay in school. I am very sure the AC school district could’ve found someone else. Very bad move by them and next school year they will cry that there aren’t enough books for students to take home.
– pressboxpro

What a wonderful public spirited individual. How many members of the 1% would give up their day of doing wonderful acts of kindness and solving world problems to interact with urban children and encourage them to stay in school. And all for only $20,000. Truly inspirational. I hope that the Nobel prize committee is paying attention. She is like another Mother Theresa.
– bengal62

How to become a paid singer could have side effects

Understandably many people have mixed and interesting opinions on the matter, and these were only a handful of semi-scathing comments on the matter.

I guess Ashanti’s agent negotiates the deals – and I would agree this was not a bad gig for sharing a few inspriring words. But when someone is so publically well known and an inspiration to a generation of children what can you do.

The more publically known a singer can get the more money they naturally appear to command. They all have agents – who obviously take a cut of fees earned – and the more earned the more the agent gets.

So yes I agree it was a handsome fee – but the proof is in the pudding – did she impact the kids, did the kids give more respect to the words of a world famous singers than that of their ‘everyday’ parents or teachers?

I guess that’s really difficult to say. What would you do in the same situation?

What would it be like to be in the position where your agent could actually command $20,000 to turn up and speak for a short while. Learning how to become a paid singer can be an interesting journey with interesting choices to make along the way – especially as a Grammy award-winner. But at the same time if you knuckle down and do you voice singing exercises and practice what your singing breathing techniques you could find yourself in a position to do a lot of good for others too.

And perhaps for charitable causes like this you might make a donation towards the kids educational development too, only if you were so inspired. God bless the life of a singer and the commenters along the way.

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