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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

X Factor UK audition shocker with Lorna Bliss

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X Factor audition UK with Lorna Bliss shocked Louis Walsh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a way to make an impression and then there is a way to make the wrong impression. The X Factor UK audition by Lorna Bliss was a first. She came on with confidence, a bit like Eddy String but without the charisma.

She was dressed to get noticed – well almost dressed. Heads turned at every point. A fish net body stocking, a bra and panties smaller than should be allowed.

Admittedly she made an impact and a lot can be learned from watching what she did, as a lesson in what not to do. As a lesson on repelling the dream you are chasing.

X Factor audition with Lorna Bliss


She talks well. She is captivating but is it for all the wrong reasons. The judges think so, even Louis Walsh who experienced a first in his 9 years as a judge. Lorna appeared to be less focused on great vocals rather on shocking and getting attention.

She would be good in some show – but not a singing one. Do you think she had enough singing lessons? Do you think she practiced her singing enough?

I think not. Entertaining TV but not what the X Factor is about. This X Factor UK audition with Lorna Bliss was lacking the bliss of a great singing performance.

Best of luck Lorna.

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