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Friday, June 21, 2024

New girl group LYLAS do the “Impossible” in X Factor USA judges houses

LYLAS sing "Impossible" by Shontelle in X Factor USA judges houses
LYLAS sing “Impossible” by Shontelle in X Factor USA judges houses round infront of Simon Cowell & Marc Anthony

A number of girls were cut in the X Factor USA bootcamp rounds but a surprise turn of events has Simon Cowell offering a life line to 15 year old Dinah Jane Hansen, 16 year old Lauren Jauregui, 18 year old Ally Brooke, 15 year old Normani Hamilton, and Camila Cabello also aged 15.

The life line was for these solo artists to join up as a girl group. The name for the group is LYLAS.


The girls had little time to practice and get used to each other but their passion and gratitude for this opportunity is an amazing thing to see.

The girls sang “Impossible” at Simon Cowell’s house to Simon and Marc Anthony.

LYLAS sing “Impossible” by Shontelle in X Factor judges houses round

Both Simon and Marc thought this new group were incredible. Each has a great voice of their own but when in a group the effect is one in a class of it’s own.

I must agree the decision to allow these girls to form a band looks like a stroke of genius. Time will tell.

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As Lylas they sang “Impossible” but if you want to watch an original audition of 15 year old Dinah you can watch it by clicking here.

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  • Fifth Harmony Fangirl
    Fifth Harmony Fangirl

    In the picture above, the actual ages of the girls, at that time, was as follows (Left to Right) Camila Cabello 15, Lauren Jauregui 16, Normani Hamilton 16, Ally Brooke 19, Dinah Jane 15 (and yes, the most mature looking one is actually the youngest and that’s Ms. Dinah Jane! 🙂

    • philosophylive

      Thanks Fangirl. And how incredible is it that the most mature looking is the youngest. You can never judge a book by it’s cover.


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