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Friday, June 21, 2024

Union J sing “When Love Takes Over” to screaming fans on X Factor live


Union J sing "When love take over" by David Guetta on X Factor live
Union J sing “When love take over” by David Guetta on X Factor live

Union J have been making massive strides forward each week as boy band performers. Union J are 19 year old George Shelley, Jamie Hamblett (JJ) 24, Josh Cuthbert 20 and Jaymi Hensley 22

They are good lokking lads with great voices, even though Nicole Sherzinger and Gary Barlow said they want to hear more harmonic singing.


The boyband give another impressive performance again to screaming fans.

“When Love Takes Over” by Kelly Rowland performed by Union J on X Factor live

The audience loved the performance, the judges can see big things for these guys as the ‘next big boyband’.

What do you think of Union J? Can you see them as the next big boy band? Share your comments below.


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