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Saturday, April 20, 2024

X Factor Australia Audition that brings a surprise

English: Mariah Carey performing live in Las Vegas
X Factor Australia audition with Angela Vayne singing Mariah Carey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever judged a book by it’s cover? Have you ever watched an X Factor contestant walk on stage, watch how they walk on and speak and you’ve already made your mind up about how you expect them to sing? Well this X Factor Australia audition by Angela Vayne is one of those surprising moments.

You don’t know what to expect. But when she says she has had the neighbours call the Police on her because of her singing and then says she is going to sing Hero by Mariah Carey your heart sinks.

X Factor Australia Audition surprise


Angela is a very unique person with a surprising talent. It’s an interesting point to notice how she practices every day, even up and down the hall ways of her block of flats.

How creative can you become with your singing lessons and singing practice. Would you let your neighbours put you off – so that you stop practicing, or do you just take it on the chin and keep going.

Angela is a prime example of someone who practices her craft and follows and believes in her dream more than the support she seems to receive initially.

This X Factor Australia audition is an inspiration.

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