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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

X Factor Nicole Scherzinger speaks up about Rachel Crow

Nicole Scherzinger in latex dress
Nicole Scherzinger (Photo credit: ALO Atheist)

She used to be a judge on the US season one show. X Factor Nicole Scherzinger has spoken up about the Rachel Crow elimination back in 2011. She said she would of chosen to save the adorable contestant in hindsight.

As Digital Spy reports:

The Pussycat Dolls singer reflected on her decision to send the elimination decision to deadlock during The X Factor USA’s quarter-final, a move which eliminated the teenager and sparked controversy at the time.

X Factor Nicole Scherzinger opens up

“I would have voted for Rachel Crow when it was down to the wire instead of leaving it up to America’s vote,” Scherzinger said in a Q&A ahead of The X Factor‘s return to British screens this weekend.

Scherzinger, who replaces former Destiny’s Child musician Kelly Rowland on the ITV1 show’s judging panel, promised to “be myself, heart and soul and give 110%, like I always do”.

“As an international artist and someone who has been in the music industry for a number of years I know what will sell in the US and across the world… I’ll be helping the contestants and audiences to see what it truly takes to make it and bring out the best in them,” she added.

The Rachel Crow elimination was an emotional moment in the show and now Rachel has gone on to achieve much success.

Since appearing on The X Factor USA, 14-year-old Crow has gone on to sign a joint record contract with Syco and Columbia, in addition to a talent deal with Nickelodeon.

Crow also recently released her first single ‘Mean Girls’.

Nicole Scherzinger
X Factor Nicole Scherzinger speaks up about Rachel Crow elimination (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Enquirer says:

Both Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul have left the “X Factor USA” judging panel, and Britney Spears and Demi Lovato have joined. Scherzinger is now a judge on “X Factor UK.” The new season of “X Factor USA” is certain to be a huge hit.

X Factor Nicole Scherzinger is to be back on the show shortly. Tough decisions come and go. But it’s encouraging to see that Rachel Crow has moved on with a level of success she deserves. How many people do you know that put the effort into getting singing lessons, practicing their art on a daily basis.

Getting the right singing lessons, a few good breaks and a level of self-belief are a few of the important elements that any aspiring singer needs in their kit bag.

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